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Our Management Structure

The Professionals is organized to support the mutual needs of our businesses. Our management structure is based on internationallyrecognized models whilst allowing for cultural adaptability and regional flexibility. Under the guidance of our Advisory Board and led by our Chief Executive Officer, each of the business segment within The Professional is led by a Director who carries the ultimate brand responsibility and P&L accountability for his/her business segment. Each business segment has its own team, structured to the individual needs and scale of that business. These teams are responsible for delivering the business proposition in line with The Professional’s overall strategy.

Cross-functional teams for HR, Finance, and IT provide specialist support and consistency of reporting in key areas. We recognize that the skills of our people are a major asset and play a key role in the success of our business. In a market with dynamic socioeconomic demographics, our scale and performance track-record allows us to attract top talent, and we are proud of the breadth of expertise that exists within The Professionals. We work hard to build and maintain our expertise.

Our Management Details

Mr. Shaikh Muhammed Nadeem Saleem (42301-5327170-3) Chief Executive/ Director
Mrs. Ayesha Shaikh (42301-2642348-4) Director
Mr. Shaikh Muhammed Nadeem Saleem (42301-5327170-3) Director
Mr. Muhammed Osama Sheikh (42301-0115339-7) Director
Mr. Zeeshan Shoukat Khan (42101-3909089-9) Director
Mr. Ejaz Hanif (42101-1636433-9) Director